Make Me a Supermodel Returns with a Miami Catwalker

We haven't been watching much Bravo since the last (and final?) season of Project Runway, but sort-of-vain local chef Jeff is still in the running on Top Chef. Now he'll have another Miami native joining him on the cable channel.

Meet Laury, a 23-year-old "freelance model" who was born and lives in the Magic City. She'll be competiting on the next season of Make Me a Supermodel -- which should rightfully be retitled Make Me Prance Around in My Underwear and Do Humiliating Things on TeeVee

You can check out Laury in this cast video in which a barrage of slightly above-average people flashes before you, all with funky haircuts given to them by producers, to be sure, to make them look edgy and haute couture. None of them really has that alien-headed lollipop look that's so popular on the catwalks, but they'll do just fine being exploited in Speedos and thongs for all of America's sick pleasure. The show premieres March 4, with a casting special to be aired February 7. Oh, and Angelina Jolie's ex-girlfriend, Jenny Shimizu, will be one of the judges!

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