Majestic Saturdays doesn't like Color

As gatekeepers to the illustrious Night & Day section, we have email inboxes that are assaulted with party flyers alllll day long. Some advertise nondescript functions that should never be discussed beyond a church bulletin board and others are cool as hell. But every once in a while we get one that makes us wonder wtf these promoters are thinking. Today's moment came from Majestic Saturdays at the Nikki Marina, which claims to be the "definition of luxury."

First, let's define luxury. Yes it's about mink stoles and diamond-studded soup spoons, but luxury can also be defined as the freedom to indulge in the little things that can make life a little more enjoyable. So when we scrolled to the bottom of the flyer and landed at the section labeled "Dress Code," we were disappointed to see that not only were the ladies banned from the comfortably luxurious act of wearing flat shoes at the Marina, but that absolutely no loud colored clothing would be allowed.

I'm not sure when muted colors became de rigeur of chic, but I don't like it. So are they saying that they wouldn't allow Rihanna in if she was wearing the dress that she wore to the RIAA's Inaugural Ball? And if David Beckham decided to throw on a pair of Pucci's technicolor jeans, would he be left standing outside? Ugh when will clubs learn that it's more important to showcase personal style rather than force people to put on their Sunday best or even worse, those "job interview" slacks. We understand the concept of the dress code, and why it's important, but color discrimination is taking it too far. If you won't let Joe Blow into the party when he's rockin' his electric blue party shirt, we won't show up in our hot pink cocktail dress. Sorry, boyz.

If you don't mind being told what to wear, hit the Nikki Marina (3660 South Ocean Dr., Hollywood) each week for Majestic Saturdays.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.