"Magical Person Living Between Genders" Shakes Penis at Children in Gainesville

Zot Lynn Szurgot self identifies as "one of those magical people living between genders" according to her website, but was born as a biological male. It's a point she made quite explicit when police say she walked out of her Gainesville, Florida, home on Wednesday completely nude and shook her penis at two small children who were just yards away.

According to its official website, Szurgot was Former Speaker of the House of Commons of the Church of Asphodel. Szurgot appears to prefer the pronounces "her," "eir," and lowercase "i", and according to her official bio on the church's website she is "a servant; hopefully serving Gaia in all her biological splendor." She also "refuses to pay federal tax for war, and refuses the economy based on new purchases and its glamour-draw." She also states that, "she lives part of eir life as a masculine union-supporting electrician and part as a feminine spiritual being."

To be clear, Riptide is totally down with gender fuckery. We are not however down with waving your genitalia in front of small children, or anyone, for that matter, who does not wish to view waving genitalia.

According to the Florida Independent Alligator, 52-year-old Szurgot was arrested Wednesday for indecent exposure and lewd behavior.

Among those who saw Szurgot's penis display was a 10-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl who were less than 100 feet away.

"The man was naked and shook his wee-wee at me," the boy told deputies.

In case you're wondering, Szurgot was booked into jail as a man.

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