Magic City Kitty - Love Making 101 with Lloyd

Condoms and lube: $11.36 at Walgreens. Soft lighting: courtesy of FPL’s exasperation with you not paying your damn electric bill. So now it’s dark, wet and safe, but even then, achieving the fabled state of “in the mood” can be tricky. Unless you’re paying for the pump, there are no guarantees and one corny comment can cause your partner to postpone the party.

A tip: few genres of music are capable of causing panties to drop as quickly as R&B does. Yeah, the smooth grooves provide you with the perfect rhythm by which to calibrate your stroke, but that’s not all it can do. With your eyes closed tight and imagination in full effect, you can have a Billboard Top 100 artist bumping and grinding your midsection - and singing in your ear.

But while you're daydreaming, I sat down with platinum recording artist Lloyd and asked him what he does to set real-life ladies on fire. He's contributed more than a few songs to the soundtrack of strokin’ and pokin,’ and in fact, his new album is titled Lessons In Love. Of course I asked him to give me a lesson. It turned into a show-and-tell.

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