Magic City Kitty - Let's Swing, Baby

Hello, Kitty

After 12 years of marriage to a wonderful woman, I’ve been seriously considering asking my wife to join me in “swinging.” Not as in what kids do at a playground, but what adults do when they and their spouse have sex with other couples. I vowed to be with my wife for better or for worse, but when I said that, I had no idea that I would ever tire of sleeping with her. It’s just not that interesting, and I think that adding in other people may be the jolt that I need. I don’t want to do it behind her back, and I’m willing to let her be with another man if that’s what I have to do to get what I need. My question is, what is the best way to bring this up without hurting my wife’s feelings?

Sharin Iscarin

Hey Mr. Iscarin

Uhh since this swinging shit wasn’t her idea, there’s a good chance that your little plan will hurt her feelings and/or your relationship no matter what I tell you to say. She’ll read between the lines and realize that your proposal is just a ruse for you to cheat without consequences, and that you want to whore her out. Both sound like a jolly old time, but either way you’re walking on thin ice. She’ll either agree to it and resent you for it later or refuse and hate your ass for even suggesting it. It’s your funeral, babe. Your alimony, your funeral. Some folks may remind you that you vowed to forsake all others and should suppress your dick’s boredom, but I don’t think it’s that simple. Unless you’re both the kind of people that can separate emotion from sex, “the life” can be like marriage suicide. On one hand, I’m like, okay, you need to be honest and tell her what’s going on in your head. And the other part of me thinks that if you bring this up and she doesn’t like it, you’re fucked. And while I’m sure that the prospect of dipping your stick into a fresh piece of pussy sounds divine, close your eyes and imagine another man ramming his meat into your wife. Kinda makes you want to drop the swinger idea and straight-out cheat doesn’t it?

But honestly, the bitch did marry you, so maybe she’ll be with it. For that reason, I’ll help ya out. To me you have three options: you could take her to a strip club and see how she reacts to you when other pussies are around, you can tell her about a “friend” that recently started swinging and see how she responds, or you can just fuckin chill and enjoy the pussy you have on deck right now. If you want to fuck someone else so badly, do your wife a favor and give her a divorce so she can find a man who will be content with just her for the rest of her life. Or fuckin cheat. Why does she have to shag someone else just because you want to? She doesn’t want to fuckin swing. Be a man, go find a mistress and hide it from her. Then when your mistress gets pregnant, yall can all go on Maury and I can laugh at you.


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