Magic City Kitty - Abortion Schmamortion

Hello, Kitty

I started sleeping with a co-worker after a few too many beers at an office happy hour sent us into a long night of fucking. Though I hadn't felt sparks before, we continued to sleep together for four months even though he was in a relationship. Things got so steamy that I started to fall for him, and he even said he wanted to leave his girlfriend for me. But then I found out I was pregnant. When I told him, the first thing he said was: "Have an abortion." And then, the next day, he left a $300 check on my desk with a Post-It attached that read, "Just do it," with a smiley face. I couldn't believe he could be so callous! I'm pro-choice, but I'm also 32, basically single, no kids, with a decent job — I feel like I'm ready for this, no matter how it happened. So how do I break the news to him? And even more, am I making the right decision?

Pinkenblu Blues

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