Magic City Kitty - A Cure for the Common Funk

One surefire way to lower your chances of a successful sexcapade: have a foul odor wafting from your body. I know, I know we can't all walk around smelling like lavender and vanilla all day, and your own personal fragrance is something to wear with pride; BUT if you can tote around a dusty stick of Winterfresh for your potentially rancid breath and a withered pack of baby wipes to give your crotch an emergency swipe, what about your feet? If you plan on going shoeless during sex - which is totally optional, natch - you should make sure that your little piggies are as fresh as they can be. But in our often hot and sticky climate, it's hard to supervise the little germs that live and die to create a shoe full of stinky air. You can douse your feet in baby powder or hit your soles with an antiperspirant to decrease the amount of sweat produced, but what happens when your honey wants to go down and suck those toes? I'm just guessing, but a mouthful of talc is probably a turnoff.

Enter Geox, a shoemaker with a design that promises sweat-free footwear in dozens of styles that give "practical" shoes a good name. The breathable soles are fitted with holes that let the air in and keep water out. I know, you see function and you immediately think that the style has been the sacrificial lamb that made it all possible. Not this time. These kicks are chic for women and men - boots, loafers, pumps all designed to keep fresh air flowing to your tootsies and leave them smelling shower fresh. Leave it to the Italians to come up with a way to keep things sexy and utilitarian. With Geox locations worldwide, including Aventura Mall and Lincoln Road, you can get your stinky feet cure damn near anywhere.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.