Lunch Break: Remember That Time LeBron Hosted SNL?

We here in Miami carry the responsibility of the sole defenders of LeBron James, but the guy has only been in town for six months. It wasn't that long ago when we sort of hated the guy, like everyone else, and maybe didn't pay attention to him that much. I mean, did we even watch his hosting stint on SNL back in 2007? Yesterday, we posted a picture of LeBron in gold spandex and apparently some of you didn't. Watch LeBron get a Dwyane Wade-diss.

Apparently, this was before SNL posted every clip on Hulu, and the Solid Gold skit in which LeBron dances his gerhi-curled ass off isn't available in full, but here's a chopped up clip from YouTube.

Unfortunately, embedding is disabled.

Hulu does have this clip in which LeBron is being hounded by an annoying PA on the set of a PSA. Things take a turn for the worse when the PA quipped, "You know, we should get Dwyane Wade anyway. At least he's got a ring."

Here's LeBron acting bashful at the one man in America who makes his own ego seem in check: Kanye West.

And, the aptly named "Lebronologue."

LeBron did a pretty good job. I wonder if they'll invite him back? Or perhaps they'll get Wade and Bosh to join him for a triple hosting gig.

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Kyle Munzenrieder