Lots of Surrogates, but Where's Obama?

Former Rhode Island Sen. Lincoln Chafee, an Ex-Republican, is stumping around Florida for Obama this week. Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden is here this week too. Hillary Clinton made he first stump speach for Obama two weeks ago. But where's Barack?

Well, the Obameister was in Orlando on August 19 to speak at the VFW Convention. And he held a town hall meeting in St. Petersburg on August 1. Sure the convention kept him busy last week, but it's surprising he hasn't spent more time in the state. Most polls have McCain pulling off a narrow victory in Florida, but the latest Mason Dixon poll taken between August 25th and 26th shows Obama with a one point lead. The Sunshine State is still definitely in play.

Obama's strategy seems to be to have his surrogates talk to some of the populations that aren't completely sold. Biden talked to old folks and Jews, Clinton attempted to rally her supporters around Obama, and we suspect Chafee will go after moderates and some Republicans. But if Obama wants to seal the deal with these voters he's going to have to spend some serious face time in the state himself.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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