Locals Warned Yet Again Not To Shoot Guns Into The Sky When They See Fireworks

About twice a year the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County team up to remind everyone not to shoot their guns into the air during holidays that include fireworks displays. Every time it gets a little bit more depressing to write about, because, really, have we not all learned yet not to shoot our guns indiscriminately in the air in a crowded urban area? Apparently not, so, guys, here is your warning: DO NOT FUCKING SHOOT YOUR GUNS INTO THE AIR DURING THE FOURTH OF JULY!

"A bullet can land as far as a mile away if shot up into the air, and you may not even hear the gunfire but you can probably hear a bullet crashing through your window, crashing through your ceiling," Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa tells WSVN.

The city and county have upped their publicity campaigns in the past few years to remind people to not shoot their guns on the Fourth of July and New Year's Eve. Back in 2008 an 11-year-old boy was killed by a falling bullet on New Years. In the very first hours of 2010, a six-year-old Italian boy was stuck by a bullet while dining with his parents in the Design District, though he survived.

So, you know, don't fire your bullets into the air when you see fireworks. This is not a suggestion. Do not think "Oh, I see things flying up into the air, let me join in on the fun with my handgun." Please also be advised that the sky is not under attack by invisible flying demons. Fireworks are meant as a form of celebration, and not invisible flying demon-seeking missiles. Your bullets will not help in the war against invisible flying demons, as no such things exist.

In conclusion: There is no reason to fire you gun up into the air on Fourth of July, so stick to your sparkles and keep it holstered.

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