Local Temple's Website Hacked With Anti-Semitic Messages, "I Love You ISIS"

Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El's website was hacked last night by a group calling itself "Team System DZ."

The site was made to read, "I love you Isis" and "F*** you Israel" with a crossed-out Star of David.

"This time is a time of Islam and victory and lift the injustice for Muslims and the elimination of America and the allies of the infidels," read a scrolling message on the site. "Will not keep silent about one inch of the land of the Muslims. Will not keep silent about one drop of blood of Muslims. Will not keep silent about the symptoms of women and children.

"Damn America mask on and on Israel and the countries of the alliance with them," the message concluded.

The group even has a Facebook page on which it shares sites it has hacked. Many of them are sites for temples, but many others appear to be random, including everything from personal photography sites to a website for a youth hockey program.

"It is disturbing," Rabbi Howard Neddleman told Local 10. "Obviously we use our website to communicate with our congregation about what we are doing here programmatically, and people use it to find out what is going on. So it is a little disturbing that somebody has the ability in a far-off land to control what is on our temple's website."

The site has since been taken offline, and the hacking has been reported to the FBI.

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Kyle Munzenrieder