Local Papers Missed Out On Huge Biden Scoop

What if a vice presidential candidate said he's open to prosecuting the current administration on war crimes and nobody paid any attention?

While it happened in in Deerfield Beach. And none of the local dailies wrote the story.

NewsBusters, a conservative-leaning website affiliated with the Media Research Center, found it weird that in their reports on Joe Biden's South Florida campaign stop, none of the local papers picked up on his bombshell remarks.

The idea of an Obama/Biden administration pursuing the previous Bush administration is quite shocking. Never in American history has an administration prosecuted the activities of a previous administration. So after your humble correspondent finished watching the video of this Biden rally at a condominium in Deerfield Beach, he immediately checked out the local Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel (now SunSentinel) for a report on this. As you can see in this story written by the Sun-Sentinel's Juan Ortega, Biden's response about prosecuting the Bush administration was completely cleansed from the report. The Miami Herald's story about the same rally also missed the highly controversial Biden comments. And the Palm Beach Post's lack of coverage of the same comments made it a perfect trifecta for South Florida newspapers in failing to cover a story that is currently burning up the Web

At least one newsman, using the term lightly, stationed in Miami thought it was big news. Matt Drudge gave the story prominent play on The Drudge Report by placing a link to a story in the Guardian. Yes, a paper based in London, England managed to nail a story about an event that happened in South Florida right (and, not to mention, all the Drudge traffic), yet no one locally did.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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