Local 11 year-old Adandoned in Middle of Nowhere Thanks to Weird Law Loophole

Nebraska (yes, the middle of nowhere) passed this brilliant law that let parents basically abandon their kids at the hospital, and leave them as the State's problem. The law doesn't specify that the parents need to be Nebraska residents, or even gives an age limit for the children. The law was written with prom night dumpster babies in mind, but since it took effect in July most of the kids abandoned have been over the age of five, including six 17 year-olds (uh, if a 17 year-old is going to patiently wait in a hospital until the state comes to collect him is he really that much of a problem child?)

The state is rewriting the law, and the new version could take effect in a few days but it seems that some parents all the way down here in Miami-Dade county decided to take advantage and dropped off their 11 year-old at a Corn Husker State Hospital. Update: CNN says that father actually flew all the way out there with the son to drop him off. Wha......

Authorities have contacted local child services and the States Gov has pleaded with America's parents, "Please don't bring your teenager to Nebraska." All but a few of America's Bright Eyes obsessed teenagers agree that never, for any reason, even just to visit, should their parents take them to Nebraska.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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