Live At The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

So your Riptide was at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show "Bloggers Lounge" earlier at the refurbished Fontainebleau hotel. Bloggers lounges are a new frontier of blogging activity, but the ahi tuna, and the crème brûlée and the open bar, oh the open bar, made it very, very worth it. We may have been the only person we knew at this bloggers party, and the only blogger carded, but Riptide from now on supports bloggers lounges at every event ever under the condition that there is an open bar.

The new Fountinebleau is very fancy, but it was a fancy hotel the last time we were in it pre-facelift. It is just a very fancy hotel, the perfect place for a fancy lingerie fashion show. Usher kicked off the show, and all the Angles were there like Heidi and Selita and Doutzen, oh sweet Doutzen in these frilly wonderful things provided by lingerie superstore Victoria's Secret.

Lesley Abravanel got our hopes up that there'd be some super secret superstar performer (whoops, guess that was someone else, but seriously does anyone actually do anything but skim over Lesley Abravanel), but there wasn't. Just some guy who sang some version of "Babalu" in front of imaged of Ocean Drive. It was cool though.

Riptide also thought he saw Iggy Pop in the lobby before the show. We're not sure, but we definitely saw Doutzen, oh the Doutzen.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.