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Letters from the Issue of October 19, 2006

Minister/Judge No conflict there, huh? Regarding Trevor Aaronson's "Religious Conviction" (October 12): I am a former altar boy, and I graduated from Holy Cross College in 1969. When Judge Jose E. Martinez justified the attempted forced perjury by the Archdiocese of Miami, he obviously forgot one of the Ten Commandments:...
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No conflict there, huh? Regarding Trevor Aaronson's "Religious Conviction" (October 12): I am a former altar boy, and I graduated from Holy Cross College in 1969. When Judge Jose E. Martinez justified the attempted forced perjury by the Archdiocese of Miami, he obviously forgot one of the Ten Commandments: Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

John Cavicchi, Esq.

Wilting Bitch

So sorry! In The Bitch's recent reference ("Insolence Ointment," October 12) to the film Shaun of the Dead, she quoted Barbara Wilton. I believe she meant Penelope Wilton, the actress who so brilliantly portrayed Barbara.

James McCrackan

It's a Carnival Over There

When it comes to crime: I skipped a MoCA opening at the Wynwood annex recently. And I have had some concerns about late-night Carnival Center events. Thank you for your coverage of the Wynwood mugging ("Fall Crawl," September 21) and your "Criminal Center" (October 5) tongue-in-cheek spread, which made me feel so much better. I thought I was getting paranoid; now I believe that the paranoid survive.

Glenn Hubert
North Miami

Garcia Across America

He's got wings: Regarding Sire Esquire's "Family First" (October 5): Nuff respect for your in-depth article about Garcia. He is one of Miami's best lyricists and very soon will be known across the United States!

Gil Green

Daddy's Home

Pro: Millionaire marries daughter: Kelly Cramer's article "Daddy's Girl" (September 28), about Bruce McMahan and his daughter, was the most off-the-chain journalism I've ever read in Miami New Times. My girlfriend and I read it together online and were blown away. I couldn't help acting out the drama of it — you know, putting on a rich man's snob accent and coming up with some funny dialogue. My girlfriend thought at first it would be some gross and perverted article but was equally stunned by the surreal, sick soap opera this story is. It left her with her jaw dropped and me wondering if I should be the one who writes the movie script!

Michael Allan

Con: Millionaire marries daughter: It's embarrassing enough that New Times published "Daddy's Girl" as a long feature in the first place. It deserved a short ain't-people-crazy mention, at best. Sure, I enjoy pulling back the curtain and peeping Jerry Springer-style as much as the next person, but your story seems to imply this is the most exciting, interesting thing to happen in South Florida.

Despite our plastic image, our intellectual lives in South Florida are not quite so destitute. The fact that the New York Post is the only newspaper to follow your story (as you mention) probably clued you into that. Surely there isn't a dearth of real stories about important people that one has actually heard of. Doesn't New Times believe that by giving these types of stories far more weight than they deserve, it compromises the integrity of stories that have a possibility of informing the public or affecting public policy?

Sabrina Levine

Good Bitch

She's already done Botox, babe: I moved here from Connecticut about a year ago and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading "The Bitch" each week. Love your observations and crazy sense of humor. Looking forward to the next one. Maybe Botox?

Bruce Hibbs
Miami Beach

Fox in the Fox House

Old but well written: I have never written a newspaper rebuttal before today. I have been a journalism teacher in the South Florida area for thirteen years. I am amazed that a food review was the catalyst for me to do so. Bill Citara's review of Fox's Sherron Inn, "Not So Good Old Days" (June 8), was not only wrong but also insulting to the elderly and lacking an understanding of restaurants in general.

Fox's has been a staple of the South Miami area for 60 years. It has not achieved that status through poor food and bad ambiance. The opposite is in fact the truth. Fox's is not a place to go for a steak that would rival the Capital Grille's. It simply is not that type of place.

Mr. Citara showed a lack of understanding of the type of place he was in by the food he ordered. I recommend the Thumb Bits, pieces of steak served on small slices of toast. A Reuben is always a pleaser, or perhaps a burger with an order of what many people think are the best fries in town.

Regarding the age of the patrons: Mr. Citara would be best to research a story before writing one. The clientele varies depending on when you are there. I am 36 years old and often feel old when the hordes of college kids arrive for the late-night happy hour. They seem to love the nostalgic feel, the cozy Sixties supper club atmosphere.

Mr. Citara compares Fox's to the politics of Dick Cheney. I am not sure why that comment has a place in a food review at all, but I will say that you might have a great debate at the bar with conservatives and liberals alike who will all agree they love Fox's.

Fox's is first and foremost a bar. It just happens to serve really great food and play relaxing music from several eras. Fox's simply could not survive for 60 years on so-called regulars. It has obviously done something well to outlast restaurants from the good old days, the present days, and probably the future days as well.

I know this article ran a few issues ago but hope you will consider running it anyway in your fine newspaper.

Richard Webster
South Miami


The October 12 cover story, "The Aviators," contained a reporting error in one of the photo captions. The Miss America is a propeller plane.

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