Letters from the Issue of March 2, 2006

G-String Hypocrisy

A brief history of strip clubs: As a confirmed Libertarian, I have to applaud Forrest Norman's article "Booze Ban in Babylon" (February 16) about my city's all too obvious hypocrisy. To not allow booze in an establishment where women are paid to be outrageous and yet allow it in the many clubs nearby where far more outrageous behavior is perpetrated by drunken amateurs is simply ludicrous. Keep up the good work.

I must, however, point out a couple of inaccuracies that affect both the veracity and also the flavor of your piece. First, the no-booze ordinance cannot possibly be 40 years old. When I arrived here in 1977, one of my favorite drinking hangouts was a strip joint called the Mayflower, which was on Alton Road. This club served booze; it had a full liquor license.

In the fall of 1989 a new high-class, very upscale strip club was opened on Fifth Street, not too far from Alton. This place also had both strippers and (rather expensive) booze. For various reasons, the strip club eventually closed and other clubs, including one operated by Luther Campbell, took its place. The building still stands. If there has been a Miami Beach ordinance prohibiting booze and strippers in the same location for 40 years, no one paid any attention to it until 1990 or 1991.

Second, though Leroy Griffith has owned the property now operated as Club Madonna for at least 30 years (perhaps more!), for much of that time the place was a legitimate movie theater.

I'm nitpicking, to be sure. But the timeline implied by "40-year old ... ordinance" and "owned the property for three decades" suggests Griffith knew very well what he was getting into when he opened Club Madonna. Yet, if memory serves, the ordinance wasn't passed until after he had already committed to converting the building from movie theater to strip club; thus the city blindsided him in the process, showing that our city fathers are not only hypocrites, but also sneaky.

Capt. Bob Armstrong
Miami Beach

New Gold Dream

Taking criticism really well: Thank you for the review of my restaurant, o-R-o (February 16). First and foremost, I apologize for the air conditioner issue we were experiencing, which we fixed the next day. Furthermore, thank you for your fair and honest review. I know we have issues to work on, and we appreciate your comments, for they will be our new focus at this point, but also thank you for stating we are new and that service glitches are to be expected. Trust me: We will get them resolved and shine for all to see.

Once again, thank you, from myself and my entire team!

George Slover
Miami Beach

A Trini Loves PEGY

But not the Web redesign: This is a loyal Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik fan from Trinidad and Tobago who can no longer easily find her work or the columns in which she writes. Is it possible that her work, as well as that of others, can be archived in the manner it was before? In that way, even if you look it up under another search engine, you would find it. Among her family, friends, and other West Indians both here in the West Indies, Europe, and parts of the U.S., she has a big following.

Please make her work more easily accessible.

Petal Furlonge-Walker
Port of Spain

A Really Big Fan

Defending the former Mr. Lisa Bonet: Regarding the Ayatollah of Rock's "Critical Fatwa" in the February 16 issue: I'm not sure of the last time I read such garbage. Not only has Lenny Kravitz had a sixteen-year career in music and had the honor of being the only male to ever score four consecutive male vocal Grammys, but he has also had every single one of his albums go platinum or gold in 33 countries around the world. I'm quite sure Mr. Kravitz will be around much longer than the Toiletbowla of Rock. His repetitive style is not only not even close to being funny, but also his articles would not even be worthy of cage lining for a blind bird. Mr. Kravitz has heard the same criticism for sixteen years and still stands strong.

Fatwa, Toiletbowla of Rock! You never had a career to begin with. When you lie rotted with age and disease, crying because no one is at your side, you will realize the power of your worthless dribble. Your tombstone will wind up a moss-laden perch that will become the local pigeons' rest stop and will one day crumble and fall without a single person noticing, unlike those you try to belittle.

Michael Gunter
Hopatcong, New Jersey

Jesus Was Way Cool

Can he turn vitamins into candy? In reference to Mariah Blake's "Jesus Redux": Our God is between us again! I'm Brazilian and I was very happy when I read your text talking about Jesus Christ. I really would like to thank you, because you were impartial. You made a friend.

José Luiz Demarchi
São Paulo, Brazil

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