Letters from the issue of June 9, 2011

Slashing Prices

Nose for trouble: I spent 6K for a nose job at Strax, the surgical center whose safety you question ("The Deepest Cut," Lisa Rab, June 2). The first surgery was not what I asked for. One month later, the nose implant gave me an infection, and the doctor pulled it out of my nose with no anesthesia, just liquid cocaine. Worst pain of my life. After six months of healing, I went back for the first revision. Still not satisfied, I went back three months later for a second revision and now have a permanent scar across the bridge of my nose. I wasn't charged for the second or third surgeries, but what an ordeal!

Didar Khalsa

Nip and luck: I had a breast reduction at Strax in 2006, and the doctor left scarring all over. He also performed liposuction between my legs and left deep pockets. This is the worst place to go.


Inner beauty: These quick-fix outpatient facilities cater to the vanity that makes you assume you will look better after having such procedures. People are beautiful just the way God made them, if they realize that beauty comes from within! Vanity is a vexation to the spirit!

Lady Goo

Price cuts: Very sad... I've heard some horrible things about Strax... they do as many surgeries as they can daily to bring in profit. Reputable plastic surgeons don't do nearly as many procedures daily as these people do. You should never look for a discount when someone is going to cut into you. You look for credentials and do your research. And the doctors should tell you about all the risks — the reputable ones do.


Money's worth: You get what you pay for. If something is too good to be true, it probably is.


Check up: Why would anyone allow a doctor to touch them without doing a background check?


Read up: These people are so stupid. They refuse to buy a set of health books or magazines, yet they spend thousands doing crazy stuff, like this fool did.


Bait and switch: This place is like a butcher shop. I went there four years ago to fix my broken nose and they tried to sell me boobs. Who does that? They made my nose worse, and I had to wait two years for another doctor to fix it.


Big and lovely: We have to be happy with who we are. I am an African-American woman with curves and big buttocks. I have had them all of my life. What can I do? I appreciate what has been given to me, and I stay healthy by eating clean foods and doing plenty of aerobics. There is nothing wrong with looking nice, but at what price?

Mighty Sis

No Luke

Damned if you don't: Luke, don't get too into yourself ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, June 2). Most of the people I know voted for you for Miami-Dade mayor because of the choices they were given. Miami was disappointed that after getting rid of one POS, all they had to choose from was more of the same. The thieves are at the door again.


Rerun, please: I voted for Luke, and I hope he runs again, this time with a little more momentum on his side. I think with more time and a more focused campaign, he can be a serious challenger to the current corrupt apparatus.


Second language: Luther Campbell sounds like he would have been a really good and ethical mayor. But I'm pretty sure he doesn't speak Spanish, and God forbid an English-only speaker becomes mayor.

Michael B

Need resumé: This is getting so stupid. Why are half the references in the column about race? Seems like old Luke is living around 1950 and wants to be the next Martin Luther King Jr. You will get the African-American vote that way, but it is just wrong. Show me your real credentials, sir — in economics, balancing budgets, not being racist, governing people. If you can do that, you might get my vote. Everything I have seen is smoke and wind, trying to get people riled up enough to get a vote.


Save the Sharks

Shark attack: Our oceans are in peril, and sharks play a critical role in maintaining their health ("Snuffed," Michael E. Miller, May 26). It's humans that there are too many of. They should start culling us and start with the shark fishermen. Complete trash that should be eliminated from the planet.

Mark Lopez

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