Letters from the issue of July 14, 2011

Go Figure

More distortion: Village Voice Media is wrong to use underage prostitution arrest records to argue against the mass media's highly distorted figures ("Stuck in Trafficking," Tony Ortega, July 7). Village Voice knows that this is an extreme underestimate and not even an appropriate statistic to use when trying to tally the estimated numbers of underage prostitutes in the United States. Village Voice is just as guilty as the mass media by giving questionable facts to portray a distorted reality. They are doing so to protect their classified ads business from being attacked like Craigslist was.


Milking it: The point made by the article is clear: There is government money going to groups for ad campaigns and not a hell of a lot of money going to actually try to fix the problem. These groups use misinformation to scare up some free cash. That money would be better served going to shelter and counseling for victims.

Tim Hanner

Screw stats: It seems like the person who wrote this article is more interested in making Ashton Kutcher look stupid than helping kids not get raped ("Real Men Get Their Facts Straight," Martin Cizman, Ellis Conklin, and Kristen Hinman, June 30). I don't care if Kutcher said a billion kids are raped every day if that is what it takes to get this country to wake up and stop all child rape. The writer is taking a stand against a guy who wants to stop the pedophile industry. I once liked this publication... no more.


Money scam: Thanks for exposing the latest moral panic scam to get millions in grant monies. We're tired of the sick game people are playing to take federal monies needed in the day-to-day operations of those who actually help people on the street.


Nitpicking: Attacking someone over debatable malleable statistics is making a mockery of a valuable and needed campaign. Stop referring to trafficking victims as prostitutes. Stop arguing about whether to cut the lettuce for the salad or tear it up. Grow up, lighten up, and use your power of the press for good instead of evil. Work with others to end this suffering.


Gray Panther

Senior power: Concerning your column about the Miami cops who beat the 85-year-old lady turned ninja assassin, I know a handful of 80-something-year-old men and ladies who can hold their own and give police a run for their money ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, July 7). I bet this sweet, little, innocent lady can too! The judge dropped the charges after this lady learned her lesson to obey a lawful command. Police don't give these lawful commands to throw their weight around. They have to control a scene, and they have a job to do. Nobody is above that, not even a senior citizen.


Blow up: Has it occurred to anybody that the old lady was lying afterward just to substantiate her idiotic behavior while using her age as a crutch? Another reason why police Chief Miguel Exposito should go? C'mon, Luke, you are way better than that.

Sandra Tey

Cross the line: This isn't about race, nor should it be. Police brutality is rampant now, and cops are not charged with the proper punishment either. Regardless of what the old lady did, beating her and throwing her to the ground because she walked within the yellow tape is unjustifiable.


Weak excuse: I'm a police officer in Miami-Dade County, and I never thought I would agree with you, Luke. I don't know the whole story, but my common sense tells me the 85-year-old lady is not capable of doing the things the officer claims she did. I apologize on behalf of law enforcement. Not all of us are the same. In fact, most of us are well educated, dedicated professionals. I hope your readers realize the difference between hard-working, dedicated cops and retards.


Fire him: Any cop who doesn't have the compassion or, at the very least, people skills to deal with an 85-year-old woman shouldn't be a cop. Period. I've tried to support police, but these Miami clowns give all police a bad name. The only thing missing in this story is a Taser. This cop needs to be fired — he obviously has no people skills and doesn't understand the intent of his job's requirements.


Double standard: I guess if a black elder gets out of line, the police have to let him or her slide. Otherwise, Uncle Luke will again pen another racist, worthless column.


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