Letters from the issue of February 10, 2011

Straight Talk

Unmasked crusader: Great article profiling bisexual Peruvian talk show host and presidential candidate Jaime Bayly ("Bad Boy Bayly," Michael Miller, February 3). Aside from all his personal and professional controversies, Bayly fights hypocrisy, unmasking all those liars who go through life pretending they are perfect. I like that.


Among the greats: I think Jaime Bayly is a unique figure in Latin television and really admire his guts and his panache. He is one of the smartest, most sophisticated people I have ever watched, and his interviews are incredible. I can't believe he is dying... But if he is, I feel sorry and lucky just the same. Like Jack Paar, Johnny Carson, Dick Cavett, Mike Douglas, Merv Griffin, and all the greats, Jaime Bayly is an icon, and I am lucky to have lived during his lifetime.


Bad taste: Jaime Bayly should be a bit more professional and not tell bad jokes, especially about respectable women. It's clear he is an envious idiot. I don't know how his show is on Mega TV once again.


So what?: Jaime Bayly is a unique brand and icon, nothing wrong with that. But the fifth most powerful person in Peru? I live in Peru, and he's a dime a dozen. In a country where a busted stripper was elected a congresswoman, I highly doubt that even a bogus ranking of fifth most powerful man in Peru is something to be proud of. Who's first on that list, Tongo? (Only Peruvians will get that joke.)


Bayly's way: Jaime Bayly is clever, mean-spirited, and darkly humorous. What I most admire about him are his relentless attacks on Chavez and Castro. I wish him well. I can respect a guy who lives his life according to his own standards. Like Sinatra said in one of his songs, "I did it my way".


Running Joke

Wasted time: I couldn't finish reading the article announcing that Luther Campbell is running for mayor of Miami-Dade County ("Luke for Mayor," by Francisco Alvarado, February 3). After reading the first few paragraphs I noted these major points: 1) Luke wants to build gated communities in the inner city so residents can live like the people in Fisher Island. Those people in Fisher Island paid their own way. Are the city folk going to do the same? 2) Luke wants to examine the budget and beef up revenue. Can you say raise taxes? 3) He wants to generate more revenue for Jackson. Say it with me: "Raise taxes." 4) He wants to tax strippers to raise money for daycare. This is so out of left field I don't even know where to begin. I have wasted five minutes of my life that I won't get back. Enough about Luke.


You kidding?: Luke for what? The worst scenario for Miami-Dade County would be electing this fool. The mayor should not be a racist of any color. Luther Campbell is the black equivalent of the KKK, and his column in New Times is proof of that.

Jeffrey Fichtelberg

First things first: Luke or no Luke, Mayor Alvarez needs to be recalled. Before anything else, Miami politics need to change. Recalling Mayor Alvarez is the first step toward that goal.


Long shot: Luke has a better chance of winning the Kentucky Derby as a jockey than being elected.

Carlos Cruz

Soul Sacrifice

Hatemonger: In your article about animal-rights commando Richard "Kudo" Cuoto going after Santería sacrifices, you are glorifying a felon who is breaking the law to "give" justice to these animals that he claims we are torturing ("Santería Insanity," Gus Garcia-Roberts, February 3). What is that about? As a reporter, you are potentially conspiring with an unstable, extremist individual, nurturing his lawless behavior. Why are you not reporting his actions to the proper authorities? If a hate crime were to occur, you would be held partially responsible because you did not take proper action against criminal activity.

Dia Nuñez aka Yemaya Adebiti

Crime fighter: Bravo! Many Richard Couto are needed in this world, to make it a tiny bit better. We need to take action against animal slaughter and abuse. It is unacceptable that ignorant individuals commit these crimes against defenseless animals. People should be severely punished for those miserable and stupid actions.

Mari Eugene

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