New Times: Soothsayers; Miami Herald: Mendacious, Deceitful Profit-Seekers, Hmmmmm

This letter pertains to Jim DeFede's article "Only Himself to Blame" (July 30). Mr. DeFede says he was surprised the Miami Herald supported Daryl Jones. The whores at the Herald never surprise me. The question Mr. DeFede should be asking is, How much did the Miami Herald get paid for the endorsement?

The Herald pretends to be above it all, when in fact they are under everyone's thumb. Who else but a prostitute would endorse Raul Martinez for Hialeah mayor? As long as New Times stays in business, I will be assured of one thing: If you want the truth, read New Times.

Joe Garcia

Daryl Jones Was No Victim of Racism
Please do not worry about Daryl Jones's future simply because he was not confirmed by the Senate Armed Services Committee. He is extremely bright, quick-witted, and good-looking. The question is not when or how he will succeed, but where.

The air force places a high standard on honesty and morality. So do the pilots. There really is no such thing as just a little lie in such an organization. When your butt is on the line, you must have confidence in the people you depend on for your life.

That said, I'd like to respond to Manny Losada's July 23 letter about Jones. There are many black top guns in all branches of our military. The vast majority got there by hard work and personal effort. To suggest that a black person must lie to achieve success is the ultimate insult.

Chappy James, one of the finest officers in air force history, made a relevant comment. After the court-martial of a young black airman in England during the late Sixties, the pilot questioned then Colonel -- later General -- James. "How could you do this to me, Colonel? I am one of your kind." Colonel James responded, "No, son, I am your color, but I am not your kind."

I have flown with many black pilots in both peace and wartime. They were neither better nor worse than whites or Asians. We as a nation must stop measuring honesty, ability, or any other quality by color. Mr. Jones was not rejected because he is black, nor should he have been chosen because he is black. He simply was not the person for that job.

Robert C. Gilden

Bridge Over the River Why?
As to John Lantigua's article "Brickell Keyed Up" (July 30), Brickell area residents who complain about the frequent openings of the Miami River bridge should remember -- they moved into the neighborhood after the span was built. Information about bridge-opening frequency was available to them.

Brickell Avenue has crossed the river for decades. The only exception was during construction of the present structure. The legal term that applies to the openings is "nuisance." The rule is well-established: if a person moves to an area after such a nuisance exists, his or her complaints have no standing. Frequent bridge openings on Brickell have been the norm for approximately 70 years.

David L. Willing

A Lobbyist's Retort: Back Off, DeFede
Jim DeFede's article on Chris Korge, "Don't Call Me A Lobbyist" (July 23), was nothing but a heavy-handed smear job masquerading as a profile. The article was bereft of any objectivity toward Mr. Korge. While it is true that he is a prodigious and capable fundraiser for politicians, he has also raised money for groups like the Children's Home Society and has spent years working on charitable matters for the Jaycees. These activities should have been mentioned in the article.

I have worked with Chris as co-counsel on a number of occasions. He is an excellent lawyer and rigorously maintains the ethical standards of the Florida Bar. Mr. DeFede's failure to comment on this aspect of Mr. Korge's professional practice was a gross oversight.

Political fundraising is not a crime. Chris Korge just happens to do it better than most other people.

Jeffrey Bercow

DeFede Makes Bad Breakfast Food
After reading Jim DeFede's fascinating, informative, stomach-churning article about Chris Korge, I threw up the breakfast I had eaten four days before. Handmade silk suits worth $3000 cannot camouflage the self-indulgent, slick, fork-tongued, egotistical weasel within. Just think, if that little power-mad braggart wheeled and dealed in another stratum of society, he'd probably be referred to as a pimp or a fence. Your soul -- for a price, sir? High-voltage power broker or low-life in a Gucci suit, is there a difference? I wonder how many readers really believe that lobbyists are merely goody-goodies just doing their jobs -- just making themselves available to provide a little information here and there. Bullshit!

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