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Tony Marin

Victor's: 60 Well-Known Professionals Can't All Be Wrong
My wife and I wholeheartedly disagree with Jen Karetnick's disparaging article. We recently hosted a party of 60 well-known professionals at Victor's Cafe and have dined there with friends on numerous occasions. The new owner, Jose R. More, was always on hand to greet us and extend a very warm welcome.

We and our friends have truly enjoyed the excellent quality of service, Cuban-American cuisine, refreshments, Spanish ambiance, and flavor of this outstanding restaurant and lounge.

Jonathan and Lilliam Johnston
Coral Gables

Victor's: Blame the Vintner
I was very surprised to read Jen Karetnick's article because I never thought someone would actually do harm to a person who has done nothing wrong.

Mr. Jose More does not make wine; he buys and serves wine in his restaurant. So of course there is a possibility the wine could have been spoiled, but Ms. Karetnick cannot blame him. He only purchased the wine, he did not make it. So if Ms. Karetnick would like to complain about the wine, she needs to call or write to the wine company that makes the wines.

I am the wedding specialist at A Matter of Taste catering, and my biggest problem is that potential customers who are holding their wedding parties at Victor's Cafe are threatening to cancel because they were very disturbed by the article. I strongly believe that before you write something that is going to ruin someone's reputation, you should think who else is going to be affected by such nonsense.

Lucia Alfonso
Coral Gables

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