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After all, what is the value of a name on a high school? I went through elementary and middle school without ever learning about the person for whom the school was named. I am almost certain the majority of students at Dr. Michael M. Krop Sr. High School do not know who Dr. Krop is and really do not care.

When students identify with a school, they think of their instructors, friends, and personal experiences, not the person whose name appears on the front of the school. Is this really a good way to be memorialized?

If members of the school board are looking for recognition, they should not be there. We should elect members who genuinely care about the students, not their own fame. The best members of the board are probably those who have never had their name on a school and don't care if they ever do.

Danny Leal
Miami Beach

Kropola: You Voted for Him, You Got Him
"The Naming Game" was an interesting story about the people who are responsible for educating our children, the future of our community. The arrogance of the school board -- the supposed leaders of our schools -- filters down to administrators and principals. Parents become inconveniences in their lives, along with the students they are charged with educating.

Instead of tackling issues that directly affect the quality of education such as class size or teacher qualifications, they would rather debate issues that sound good at the polls, like uniforms. Typical for Miami-Dade County, though. Voters get what they deserve.

W. Hoyt

Kropola: Right Up There with Joey and Humbertico
Congratulations again on a very complete and thorough story, Ted B. Kissell's "The Naming Game." Once again we get an inside look at how the game is played in Miami-Dade.

To Dr. Krop, I don't care that you have never been mentioned in a negative manner by any local newspaper. That does not make you better than anybody else for consideration in the naming of a high school. I also believe that you did try and were successful in meeting your goal of maneuvering the school board votes. I put you in the same league with the pros: Joe Gersten, Manohar Surana, and Humberto Hernandez.

Keep doing that good job, smell the flowers you did not deserve while you're alive, and don't you dare piss off the Miami Herald. They might destroy your reputation.

Miguel Fernandez

Are the Marlins Deaf or What?
I want to take this opportunity to thank staff writer Robert Andrew Powell and staff photographer Steve Satterwhite for their terrific job in putting together the story about left-handed catching ("Lou's Last Pitch," October 22). I also want to congratulate New Times for having the courage to publish this story, which the Miami Herald was afraid to print. I am still hoping that Major League Baseball will give left-handed catchers the same chance as right-handers.

I am also hoping the Florida Marlins give Raul Hernandez, the 59-year-old pitching genius, the same opportunity the Yankees gave "El Duque" Hernandez.

I met another staff writer, Ted B. Kissell, who also impressed me while we were watching Raul pitch in the over-30 league. Raul had previously pitched a perfect no-hitter and immediately after that pitched another no-hitter. Two in a row.

Florida Marlins, are you listening? Raul can be your best pitcher and a pitching coach.

Lou Haneles

Puzzling Pomposity
While I was amused at the pompous anti-Jen Karetnick letters (October 15) written in response to her review of Victor's Cafe, I began to wonder: Why are these people unclear on the concept of criticism? Criticism is personal, and not always positive.

I was puzzled why certain people presented dubious credentials for critiquing restaurants, particularly the ex-associate producer of a TV news station. I asked myself why this person had never made it to producer. Perhaps he or she recommended one too many bad restaurants to the president of the station.

Then there was the couple who ate out four times a week. Where do they eat? Perhaps they think Victor's beats Taco Bell.

And then there were the 60 professionals. Personally, I find that dining out with more than ten professionals gets very tricky when it comes to dividing the check.

I'd be more impressed if someone wrote, "I'm the food editor of Gourmet magazine." Even "I'm assistant manager at Pizza Hut but I dream of being a sommelier at Four Seasons" would be more relevant.

Let Jen do her thing! She is so much better than the film and music critics, and she is well versed in her subject.

Lili Chambers

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