Let's Look Back at All the Dumb Things Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross Has Said

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross does not speak often, but when he does, people listen. Sometimes that is not such a good thing. Since he purchased the team in 2009, Ross has made a habit of saying stupid things when swerving outside his lane and talking NFL or Miami Dolphins. His foot is so perpetually inserted in his mouth that even Rex Ryan finds it a bit much.

Ross constantly speaks to the media with seemingly no filter between his mouth and his brain, saying some of the oddest, incorrect, bold, moronic, and downright ludicrous stuff whenever a microphone is put in front of his face. He seems like a good man, but he really should stop talking.

The list of questionable Miami Dolphins quotes that Stephen Ross has made is as long as a football field itself, but here are some of the ones we remember best, for all the wrong reasons. 

June 2010: Ross insinuates Chad Henne could one day be better than Dan Marino

"Chad has been the greatest quarterback the University of Michigan has had," Ross said, "and I'm sure that I'm hoping, as is everyone else, that he goes down as the greatest quarterback in Miami Dolphins history — and you know what that will mean."

June 2010: Ross predicts the Dolphins will play in the Super Bowl. The Dolphins did not play in the Super Bowl.

“I think in February we’re going to be playing in the Super Bowl,” Ross said. “[Coach Tony Sparano] thinks that too. So does every player on that team. So I don’t think there’s any pressure. You just got to go out and do it.”

The Dolphins finished 7-9 and third in the AFC East.

January 2011: Ross regrets not knowing NFL stuff gets in the paper sometimes. 

"I should have probably let Tony know," Ross said after news leaked that he'd interviewed Jim Harbaugh for the job while Tony Sparano was still the head coach. "I never thought it would be national news. I realized after having read the papers the anguish I had put Tony through."

March 2012: Ross defends Jeff Ireland by asking you what the hell your problem is. 

“[Ireland is] a great talent evaluator. He’s as hard-working as anybody I’ve ever met. He’s a smart as they come on the football side," Ross said in 2012 of the general manager he'd soon fire for his disastrous decision-making. 

April 2013: Ross says fans shouldn't blame Jeff Ireland, and all of us can eat it because look at him now! 

“People wanted to blame our losing on somebody, and he was the easy person to blame it on," Ross said on The Dan Le Batard Show in 2013, just one year before firing him. "I believe in Jeff, and you’re seeing today what Jeff Ireland can really do.”

December 2013: Ross says he wants to find a young Don Shula and then hires 51-year-old Joe Philbin. 

“We’re open to everything," Ross said upon announcing the firing of head coach Tony Sparano. "I think you have to look at it there’s pluses and minuses in all situations. I’d like to find a young Don Shula if that’s possible."

July 2015: Ross reminds everyone in Miami that LeBron James left — but its superchill, y'all, because Miami Dolphins 'bout to blow your mind. 

“The Heat is a different organization now that LeBron James isn’t there,” Ross said. “I think the Dolphins are a team that’s kind of capturing the imagination over the whole entire fan base here in South Florida.”

January 2016: Ross says the Dolphins are the best at everything — except playing football.

“For those who stay, we’re going to be winning Super Bowls. If you look at our organization today, you see what we’ve done," Ross told Andrew Abramson of the Palm Beach Post. “From every aspect except the playing field, we’re probably the first-class organization in the National Football League.”

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