Let's All Get on the Short Bus: Daily Beast Gives Miami a 78 IQ

Tina Brown's Daily Beast website gave every American city with a population above 1 million an impromptu "IQ" test, and, well, Miami might need to be moved into some remedial classes.

Out of the 55 cities ranked, Miami came in at 39, with a Daily Beast-assigned IQ of 78. The score takes into account the percentage of citizens with bachelor's and master's degrees, nonfiction book sales, number of colleges per capita, and voter turnout in the last election.

We are lumped in with Broward, and these random listicle rankings always make us wonder if the authors got their data correct. They're using the population of Broward and Miami-Dade combined, so does the data pertain to the entire area, just Miami-Dade, or the city of Miami? Of course, none of these lists ever discloses the data, so take these things with a grain of salt.

In case you're wondering, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, came in first with an IQ of 170, while Fresno, California, came in at the bottom with an IQ of 3.

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