LeBron Says He's Not Planning On Leaving Miami Anytime Soon

Yesterday, LeBron James said he could one day see himself playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers again. Predictably, that didn't go over too well with his current fans here in Miami, so James is on damage control today and promises he loves us and won't leave us. Yet, anyway.

"I love the fans of Miami. I'm here," James told the media today according to the AP. "The question was asked of me, could I see myself playing back here. I said yeah, in the sense of I don't know what my future holds and I don't want to take that out. I love the fans of Miami."

Which is kind of like saying, "Listen, I love my wife. I married her, but, you know, sure, one day I could see myself remarrying my ex-wife. Me and Lana really had something special, you know? It just didn't work out. But right now I am still totally married to my current wife."

Granted, this is only basketball we're talking about.

"I answered it truthfully," James said. "But it's all about this season for me and it's all about playing with this Miami Heat team and trying to win an NBA championship. The fans of Miami shouldn't be worried about anything at this point."

Does that mean we should be worried at some point in the future? We don't do well with rejection, but hopefully you'll have brought us a few rings before you decide to blow town.

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Kyle Munzenrieder