LeBron James Teams with Miami Vice's Don Johnson for Nike Ad

LeBron James is finally addressing the haters in a sure-to-be-controversial new Nike ad. He's taking on some serious criticism and calling a certain hater out by name, but the ad ultimately skews light-hearted with a cameo by none other than Miami Vice's Don Johnson. James asks, "What should I do?" Well, he should win championships, duh. As for "what should you do?" The answer right now is watch this ad.

In a direct reference to the lampooned ESPN special "The Decision," the ad opens with James sitting in a TV chair in the same purple checked shirt asking, "What should I do? Should I admit that I make mistakes." After a flashback to his high school days, the ad then features LeBron driving by the infamous fall of the "We Are All Witness" banner in Cleveland, and then skips to a future in which his induction into the Hall of Fame is attended by no one.

LeBron also calls out a certain "Chuck" (hey, Barkley, how you doing?), before asking if he should accept his role as a villain or stop listening to his friends. As the ad's YouTube description puts it, "This is about the difference between the expectations others may have of him versus the expectations he has of himself. What should he do? The answer is the question."

The ad also feature a little humor, including a cameo by Miami Vice's Don Johnson and LeBron in a pink suit.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.