LeBron James Steamrolled Marlins Owner Jeffrey Loria Last Night (Video)

The best part of last night's game wasn't that LeBron James dropped 31 points, or that the Heat crushed Kobe's Lakers without Dwyane Wade. Honestly, the best part wasn't even when LeBron James absolutely pancaked Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria on the sideline while chasing a loose ball (although every taxpayer in Dade rejoiced a little at seeing the mastermind of the new stadium deal doing a faceplant.)

No, the best part was after the LeBron-Loria collision when LeBron clearly had no idea who this sad old man in an expensive suit was that he'd just steamrolled.

"I know you're a Yankees fan, but do you have any idea who the gentleman is courtside whose lap you jumped into?" Craig Saeger asks LeBron after the quarter.

James looks absolutely baffled, staring at the owner of Miami's baseball franchise. "Nah, who is that?" he finally asks.

LeBron doesn't just laugh off his ignorance, he gets a jab in at the Marlins new color scheme, grabbing the notoriously garish Saeger by his seafoam green lapels and exclaiming, "You're wearing the new colors, we got to get you a hat, too!"

Well played, LeBron! 

Sadly, a few million dollars in taxpayer subsidies did not come exploding out of Loria's pockets during the collision to rain down on Heat fans.

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