LeBron James' New Website Is Like the Ultimate MySpace

Certain corners of the web seem like a race to see who can over share the most. LeBron James' just relaunched website seems like it's winning for self aggrandizement. Which is fine. We love us some healthy ego, but it's almost a little too much.

Want to know what LeBron James is wearing? will tell you. Want to know what he's listening to? Just click. Curious about his diet, work out routine, or personal history? It's all online. Basically, it's what teens circa 2005 wished their MySpace profile was, and frankly spending too much time on it makes us feel like creepy LeBron internet stalkers.

"The site is another way to share my world with my fans," James tells Fox Sports. "The best way to connect with others is to let them see things from your own point of view. Showing my fans how I train, eat, and stay focused will help bring my fans closer to the NBA experience."

In the "training" section the site shares training tips with videos of LeBron performing exercises, and his diet is chronicled by his personal chef. The "Lifestyle" section includes streaming MP3s from some of his favorite artists, pics of James with musicians like Nicki Minaj and Jay-z, and details of his personal wardrobe provided by his celebrity stylist. A few more clicks will take you to his video bio. Yet another section details his time with the Miami Heat.

"As has been the case for most of LeBron's recent decisions, the website is a mixed bag. It's sleek, self-indulgent, interactive, and difficult to penetrate-sound familiar?," writes SportsGrid. "It's another way for LeBron to build his brand (make money) and gives us another excuse to talk about him. Its attempt at being chic, however, is lost in vanity."

Haters are gonna hate, and one pundit has already said it wants to make him throw up in his mouth. We're used to the LeBron ego by now. He can back it up.

The only issue is reading about someones clothes, diet and life details makes us feel a little stalkery, even if that person is a superstar willingly sharing it online.

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Kyle Munzenrieder