LeBron James Might Run for President (of the NBA Players Union)

When you're already King why not be President too?

Yes, LeBron James is reportedly mulling over a big for higher officer... in the NBA Players Union at least. According to Fox Sports, he's considering running for the union's presidency.

"It's something he has talked about with a small group of people," a source told the organization. "He was very vocal at the meeting during the All-Star Weekend about the need for the union to dramatically change. There is a new executive director coming in and new commissioner. He recognizes that this is the time for the union to change."

Though, buried a few paragraphs below is the same source saying that it might be "unlikely."

Current union prez Derek Fisher's term expired this summer, and a new president could be elected as soon as later this month.

For most of its existence, the union was lead by a superstar player. Patrick Ewing and Isiah Thomas are former presidents, but in the past decade the organization has been lead by a string of respected role players like Fisher.

LeBron could bring star power back to the office, and his stature alone could help in negotiations with owners. However, James is apparently worried he might not have time to give the job all the attention it deserves. We have to figure he'd much rather have another MVP and championship ring then a presidency. Plus, his off-the-court business deals and sponsorship obligations keep him pretty tied up.

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Kyle Munzenrieder