LeBron James Hates the Heat's Sleeved Christmas Jersey As Much as You Will

On Christmas Day when you're wearing that ugly Rudolph sweater your great aunt knit LeBron James and the Miami Heat will be wearing something even uglier: basketball jerseys with sleeves.

Ever eager to churn out new special edition jerseys to sell, the NBA is having all the teams playing on Christmas Day wear sleeves for some reason, but LeBron is not happy about it.

According to tweets from the Miami Herald's Joseph Goodman, James says that the Heat's shooters are already upset about the sleeves, and it's not just because they cover up the gun show.

"I can't have my shooters out there worrying about some sleeves and not shooting the ball," LeBron said.

Well, at least the Heat's Christmas Day opponents, the L.A. Lakers, will be facing the same predicament.

Though, ever the company man, James did star in a promo commercial for the jerseys along with other NBA superstars.

The Heat have had to change up their practice routine to account for the extra fabric. They've been practicing lately in sleeved shirts.

"We didn't want to get to Christmas Day and just be wearing them for the first time," center Chris Bosh told the Sun-Sentinel. "You could have problems and malfunctions. We're players of rhythm and we have to get used to the same thing or at least try them out. It's like breaking in sneakers."

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Kyle Munzenrieder