LeBron James Defends Jim Tressel

LeBron James may be on the brink of winning Miami an NBA Championship. Man that'll feel almost as good as that time the Miami Hurricanes beat Ohio State in the 2003 Fiesta Bowl to take home the BCS Championship. Oh wait...

James is seriously testing our Miami sports fan heart strings by choosing to speak out in defense of former Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel, who recently resigned amidst a scandal, on the first day of the NBA Finals.

"I just think it's unfortunate," James told media today. "Coach Tressel's done some great things for the university. It is unfortunate about the allegations that have come out in the past year. Everyone in Columbus and Ohio knows how important he was for the university. I wish him the best.

"The organization and the university will come back," he added. "It's the best university we have in America. They'll figure something out."

Jeez, LeBron. Would you like to defend any other coaches deeply hated in Miami? Perhaps you'd like to say there's nothing really weird about Rex Ryan's foot fetish? Or maybe you'd like to just go ahead and rub it in a little further and talk about how "The Call" really was correct?

Sweater-vest wearing Tressel, if you're not aware, was forced to resign after lying to the NCAA. He won his only National Championship with the school by beating the Hurricanes with the help of some creative refereeing. He is not a well-liked man in these parts.

Ugh, anyway, LeBron, we will work through this. We know you're new here, but seriously, ixnay on the Buckeyes talk.

The Hurricanes and the now Tressel-less Buckeyes will meet once again next season down in Sun Life Stadium. Considering Miami is the only place right now where LeBron doesn't get booed, we'd advice him to stay off OSU's sideline during the game if he'd like that to continue.

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Kyle Munzenrieder