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Lazy Miami Drug Dealer Arrested for Trying to Sell Marijuana on Craigslist

Drug dealers talk about hustling because their occupation, illegal as it may be, involves a lot of work. They have to find and maintain a customer base all while avoiding detection of law enforcement agents. Twenty-three-year-old Rhamses Silva thought he found a web-savvy loophole to the hustle through Craigslist. He posted an ad on the online classifieds site offering marijuana for sale. Unsurprisingly, police caught him.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, deputies found an ad on Miami's Craigslist offering “medicinal high grade top shelf” marijuana for sale along with pictures of leafy buds of a plant. Amazingly, an ad matching that description is still active on Craigslist.

"420," the headline reads.

medicinal high grade top shelf shit!

Serious only plz!

Real will reply pics posted are mine plz DNTFLAG or law enforcement its just a plant my post is not meant to offend lol

Lazy Miami Drug Dealer Arrested for Trying to Sell Marijuana on Craigslist
Screenshot of Craigslist

Apparently, the Keys police did not believe it was "just a plant."

They emailed the provided address and asked if Silva, a Miami-Dade resident, would drive to Key Largo to sell an ounce of weed for $320. Silva agreed and noted he had "fire" (AKA good stuff) for sale. They made plans to meet in the parking lot of a convenience store yesterday, and when Silva showed up and handed over the pot, police arrested him.

After a search of his car, police also found more marijuana, a single Adderall pill, and drug paraphernalia.

Silva was charged with marijuana possession with intent to sell, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, using a cell phone to facilitate a felony, and possessing drug paraphernalia.

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