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Las Caprice Wants To Be an Also-ran Reality Pop Band

Quick name two things the world needs more of.

"Pre-packaged pop groups and reality television."


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MTV's "Top Pop Group" is filling both those needs with a competition show searching for America's best unknown pop group. Las Caprice, a Miami Beach-based four piece, is in the running. They're reping the Latinos big-time with members of Cuban, Puerto Rican, Brazilian and Peruvian descent. Clearly they're dressed to make their peoples proud.

The odds of this show sending a group to actual super stardom is like 1 to 32,983,289. I mean remember all those other reality television produced bands: The Clark Brothers, Flickerstick, Scene 23, Eden's Crush, Rock Star Supernova, Da Band, Day26, Girlicious, and American Juniors? Of course not, but maybe these girls will be the exception to the rule. So, good luck, I guess.

The show premiers tonight at 10 p.m.. Curl up to witness some horribly embarrassing performances, kill some brain cells and wish you changed you earlier answer to "folk singer" and/or "hole in the head".

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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