LA Lakers Take Back Crown of NBA's Most Hated Team with Dwight Howard Trade

Here's the good news, Heat fans: The LA Lakers are now probably once again the most hated team in the NBA, as it should be. 

Here's the bad news, Heat fans: The Lakers now have a super team with the addition of Dwight Howard that could rival the Heat. 

The move caps Howard's two-year long campaign to eclipse LeBron James as the single biggest douche (by popular perception, at least) in the NBA. Dude might now have hosted an ESPN special, but his antics have certainly provided SportsCenter with rich material. 

Howard originally demanded a trade in diva fashion before the beginning of last season, but backed off those demands. This season he may or may not have demanded this coach Stan Van Gundy be fired, and may or may not have called up the team's owner during a game to tell him wouldn't play as long as Van Gundy remains employed. He then pretty much demanded to be traded to the New Jersey Brooklyn Nets, and thinks that the team "blackmailed" him. Oh, and he likes to tweet about his bowel movements. 

He's basically spent the last few months making life a living hell for Magic fans, and, now, boom, like Shaq before him, he's taking his talents to Los Angeles (and with it, pretty much ended any fun of Florida's only real in-state pro sports rivalry, for now anyway).

He'll join Kobe Bryant, Paul Gasol, Steve Nash and Metta World Peace (the actual biggest douche in the NBA) in Lalaland in a super team that kind of resembles the Heat. Yes, one team feature Bryant, that adulterer and diva in his own right, a guy literally named Metta World Peace and now Dwight Howard. 

According to Bill Simmons rankings anyway, that means each team will have two of the ten best players in the league (The Heat: James #1, Wade #7; The Lakers: Howard #6, Bryant #9). On that list Paul Gasol is 17th. Chris Bosh is 18th. Each team will also feature a solid former-superstar veteran in Nash with the Lakers and Ray Allen with the Heat. 

Clearly ABC sports executives and casual NBA fans the world over are desperately hoping that this will mean a guaranteed Heat-Lakers Finals next year. We're not sure about that, but we do no it puts an end to all those asshole sports bloggers who kept claiming trading Wade for Howard would be a good idea. 

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