Kourtney and Khloé Return to Take Miami for Second Season

We've known this since January, but E! has made it official: The two slightly less famous Kardashian sisters will return for a second season of Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami.

Of course, because the personal lives of the Kardashians seem to be all-consuming whether you read the tabloids or not, you probably know Khloé got hitched to L.A. Lakers star Lamar Odom and Kourtney popped out a baby with her on-again/off-again boyfriend, Scott Disick. So this season will have a slightly different tone from the first's "single sisters looking for love."

So, according to a news release, the girls return to "save" the Washington Avenue outpost of their boutique Dash. (Is it having trouble? Do people not want to pay $50 for a cutesy T-shirt?)

Khloé will also renew her Y100 radio show, Khloe After Dark. No word if it'll air at the same ungodly hour it did last year. Meanwhile, Scott will tag along to open "a combination restaurant, bar, and lounge," because that's exactly what South Beach needs more of.

Kourtney and Scott's 2-month-old baby, Morgan, as well as Kim, will also make cameos.

The ten-episode season will premiere this summer, which means the girls should soon return to town. Keep an eye out. Now if only MTV would officially confirm that Jersey Shore is also shooting in South Beach.

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