Koran Burning Church Produces N-Word Laced Video About Racism

We predicted that Gainseville's Koran-burning Dove World Outreach Center would soon take the title of " most insane thing purporting to be a Christian church in America." Looks like we right. Here's a video the church produced in which their white members repeatedly use the N-word. Literally, it is about a minute of nothing but white people saying the N-word with the occasional "pants on the ground" thrown in for good measure. Then some white guy comes on screen to tell us that if we're upset that all these white people were using the word, then we're racist. Uh, what?

Apparently, he cites Jesus and then says it is the duty of the Church to expose the vast reverse racism that comes from white people not being able to say a certain word. Is that really in the Bible?

I'm not the right person to go into detail about how very wrong this reasoning is. The sad thing is that there are apparently still people in the world --in this state, actually-- who need that explained to them.

[via Gawker]

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