Khloe Kardashian Revs up Radio

After we kind of trashed the poor Kardashian clan and its latest attempt at reality television, a dear friend of ours reminded us that one Kardashian, and one Kardashian alone, is actually somewhat reminiscent of a real human being. That would be Khloe, apparently. And, truth be told, she came off pretty likable on Celebrity Apprentice. So it is maybe, possibly, a good thing that while she is filming Khloe and Kourtney in Miami, she'll also be pulling double duty as the host of a weekly local radio show.

Khloe recently revealed to OK! a few details about her show:

"It's going to have music, but it's kind of a more Dr. Drew type [show].

I'm going to be talking and giving advice and people can call in," she

reveals to OK!. "It's not about one specific subject. Anyone

can call in about anything they want. If you just want to vent, I'm

there. I'm going to have a celebrity guest. A lot of my friends will

come on. It's going to be a fun, light-hearted radio show."

We're not sure when the show will air, or what station it will be on, but we'll let you know. Guess we'll be, um, keeping up with this Kardashian.

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Kyle Munzenrieder