Keys Man Busted After Asking Cops to Bring His Cash-and-Drugs Stuffed Briefcase to Jail

When deputies from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office showed up to arrest Jeff Pollock for trespassing at his ex-girlfriend's place, the 49-year-old had just one request for them. Could they please bring along his briefcase as well? It was full of valuables.

Sounds reasonable enough. Except that the briefcase was actually stuffed with cash and weed and, after Pollock gave the police the combination, a pair of drug charges got tacked onto his trespassing count.

Lesson being: Do not voluntarily bring your weed briefcase to the police station, people.

Pollock's bad day started last Saturday, when his ex-girlfriend called deputies to report that he was refusing to leave her place in Marathon after she'd let him spend the night, says Becky Herrin, a Monroe County Sheriff's spokeswoman, in a release.

He tried to argue that he actually lived there, but Pollock's bad luck had already started; the deputy who responded to the call had actually helped Pollock move out of his ex-girlfriend's place a few months earlier.

When Pollock still refused to go, the cops arrested him on trespassing charges. That's when he "told the deputy he had a briefcase in the residence with a lot of cash inside and he would like to take it with him," Herrin says.

The deputy agreed. At the police station, he convinced Pollock to give him the combination and inside, found $9,480 and 27 grams of ganja.

Pollock now faces charges of marijuana possession and introduction of marijuana to a detention facility.

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