Key West Resident Sues Delta Airlines Over "Illegal" and "Outrageous" Lost Luggage Policy
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Key West Resident Sues Delta Airlines Over "Illegal" and "Outrageous" Lost Luggage Policy

Susan Miller is mad as hell and she ain't going to take it any more.

The Key West resident has filed a class-action lawsuit against Delta for its "illegal" and "outrageous" lost luggage policy, claiming that the airline lost her bags and then lied to her about reimbursements to which she was entitled.

Hers is a cautionary tale of how not to get screwed by a $6 billion corporation this holiday season.

On November 15, 2010, Miller boarded a flight from Miami International Airport to Las Vegas for vacation (paying $25 to check her suitcase, no less).

But when she stepped off the plane in Sin City, she discovered Delta had lost her bag, leaving her without warm clothes (Vegas has overnight lows in the 30s in November) or toiletries.

When she asked Delta about reimbursements for the clothes she would now be forced to buy, however, airline representatives told her there was nothing they could do to help.

Miller spent $315 on clothes and transportation to go buy them. When she filed a claim several weeks later, she was ignored.

Now she is suing, arguing that Delta lied to her (and potentially thousands of others) in order to save money that the airline was contractually required to pay customers for screwing up.

"What happened to [Miller] happens every day to Delta passengers whose bags are delayed," the class-action suit argues. "Delta uniformly ignores its contractual obligations to reimburse passengers for expenses while their bags are delayed. Such tactics allow Delta to pocket millions and millions it would have had to pay out if it had abided by its contract with passengers."

According to the lawsuit, Delta is, in fact, required to reimburse up to $3,300 for expenses incurred because of lost baggage.

We're currently waiting for a response from Delta.

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