Key West Man Secretly Recorded His Roommate Having Sex

There's annoying roommate behavior: playing music too loudly, never doing the dishes, leaving the toilet seat up. Then there's creepy roommate behavior: secretly recording you having sex with a hidden webcam installed in your room.

Edward Raymond Mathis is a creepy roommate.

The 49-year-old Key West resident stands accused of secretly recording his 30-year-old roommate having sex with his 26-year-old girlfriend.

The roommate was lying in bed one night when he noticed a flash in the AC vent. He got up to investigate and found a webcam taped to the inside of the vent. The camera was pointed at his bed.

According to the Key West Citizen, the roommate notified police. They obtained a warrant and found that the webcam was connected to a USB cord. The cord was snaked through the vent, an attic, and eventually came back out the other side into Mathis' Dell laptop.

Mathis admitted that he had been recording the couple having sex after he got tired of merely watching his roommate's girlfriend shower:

When questioned by police, Mathis reportedly told them that he first installed a web camera in the bathroom vent, but he reportedly "got bored and switched it over to the bedroom."

"I asked Mathis why he changed the positioning of the camera," the affidavit states. "Mathis stated it was somewhat hard to have sex in the bathroom. The USB cable was connected to Mathis' Dell laptop, which was located inside in his bedroom."

Mathis claims he never uploaded the videos to the Internet.

He's being charged with video voyeurism, a misdemeanor crime.

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