Kelly Osbourne Hospitalized in Miami After "Cracking Her Head"

Kelly Osbourne, a person who continues to remain relatively famous for reasons we're not entirely sure of, cracked her head open in Miami this weekend and was sent to Mercy Hospital. The woman who helped pioneer the genre of "Hey, lets watch rich, famous families do inane things" television shows long before we even knew what a Kardashian was, visited Miami to promote Madonna's Macy's clothing line as the brand's spokesperson. Update.

"Long story short I cracked my head open then kept passing out I have the all clear my mum came 2 get me," Tweeted Osbourne. Adding, "4 full story watch the talk tomorrow," referring to the CBS's The Talk, a clone of The View she occasionally guest hosts.

Little else is known about the incident.

She also Tweeted, "I just want 2 thank all the incredible doctors and nurses @ Mercy hospital in Miami 4 taking such good care of me u guys really are amazing!"

Clearly Mercy Hospital should be thrilled. Forget all their other accolades. They should just add that they're Kelly Osbourne-approved.

Of course, we should never be too worried about Kelly. She is, after all, the daughter of Ozzy. That guy survived years of drug abuse and a plane hitting his tour bus and he's still trudging along. Nothing can kill an Osbourne.

This is also only the second Miami-related travesty alleged to have occurred to Ms. Osbourne.

Update: Mother Sharon Osbourne has revealed on The Talk that Kelly cracked her head open at a club. A guy she had met at the club asked the former Dancing With the Stars contestant how to ball room dance, and Kelly obliged. 

"Teach me how to ballroom dance, and so she did, and the guy takes down her to dip, and as her dips her down, she hits her head on an amplifier... it split her head open," said Sharon. 

The last Tweets Kelly made before her stay in the Hospital were from LIV at the Fontainebleau, though we can't confirm that LIV was the club were the incident occured. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder