Kardashian Sisters Give Each Other Bikini Waxes

Join us as we continue gross body hair waxing week on Riptide: in our latest installment it seems that Khloe Kardashian let her sister, Kourtney, wax her nether regions because she didn't trust her bikini area to any Miami waxstress.

"We're at a lingerie store, I was buying him a little present that night and [Kourtney] was like, 'Hello, you gotta fix your situation'. And I said, 'Well, I'm in Miami and I don't know anyone here'," Khloe said on Lopez Tonight (which is the same talk show where Jennifer Love Hewitt discussed "vajazzling." George Lopez: Your #1 source for lady part grooming Trends!).

So, yes, she allowed her sister to give her a bikini wax.

Because when she apparently used to wax all her friends while they were in college, she offered her help. What's more surprising here: that she would wax her sister or that she went to college?

"She's 30, college was like 10 years ago. Point is, she does not remember how to do it. That s--t hurt so badly! She burned me more than helped me."

Hubbie Lamar Odom was also on the show and said, "I could work through it," while stating that he prefers his women bald. Down there.

The couple also talk about "iBoning," which involves webcam sex! God, we can't wait until the second season of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami premiers. This is clearly Peabody award-winning material.

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