Just 'Cos

The fog machine cranked up 'round midnight, and as the chill was brrrewng outside, it was warm and toasty inside of SushiSamba Dromo for the second anniversary of Cosplay. Dozens of folks came to gawk, but those who came to celebrate pulled out their best disguises and did this Harajuku-style party to the fullest. A lonely Linx, tranny Ariel (of Disney's Little Mermaid fame), and I celebrated the weekly party's terrible two with music by Royal Derelicts and a shot tree full of wonderful gifts which brought me to my liquor-thirsty knees. The gold-clad host begged the crowd to put their fingers in the air and yell, "Fuck you, attitude check," and with middle digits swaying, everyone did as they were told.

My night ended before the winner of the thousand-dollar costume contest was announced, and I'm still curious about the winner. Would it be the 8 foot (on stilts) dude with the gold-flecked bridle and fierce horse mane or the noticeably heroin-less and eerily coherent Amy Winehouse look-alike?

-- Raina McLeod

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Raina McLeod
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