June 5 Will Be "Michael Bay Day" in Miami-Dade County

Well, it's better than Brett Ratner Day.

Miami-Dade County Commissioner Sally Heyman has issued a proclamation officially recognizing June 5 as "Michael Bay Day." Yes, Michael Bay the director of Bad Boys, Transformers, and the upcoming Pain and Gain.

Unfortunately, the day will probably not be celebrated appropriately by crashing a tractor-trailer rigged with explosives off the MacArthur Causeway into an oncoming speedboat.

Bay's first Hollywood flick, Bad Boys, starred Will Smith and Martin Lawrence and was set and filmed right here in Miami. A equel, also shot in Miami, followed nine years later, and a third is said to be in the works. Bay is currently filming Pain and Gainbased on a Miami New Times feature story, in the city as well.

"The film and entertainment industry brings millions of dollars into our economy each year, creates thousands of jobs, and supports local businesses. Public recognition is a great way to show our appreciation and support for Michael Bay who has contributed so much to the growth and success of the film industry here in Miami-Dade County," Commissioner Heyman said in a release.

The proclamation will be awarded at 9:30 a.m. at the Stephen P. Clark Government Center.

While we can't actually crash vans into piles of explosives, we will surely celebrate in our own small way by dousing a matchbox car in gasoline, setting it on fire, and throwing it across our yard.

Or we might just watch this montage of Bay-directed explosions instead.

[via Billy Corben]

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