Jude Law Finally Meets His Love Child in Lawyered-Up Miami Meeting

We're going to be shamelessly celebrity-gossipy here for a second if that's all right with you. We'll get back to dissecting whatever it is Marco Rubio has gone and done or whatnot in a second. But first, can we talk about Jude Law's very important love-child summit?

So the once-verging-on-A-list actor knocked up a random American model, Samantha Burke, in 2008 while shooting Sherlock Holmes. She gave birth this past September and sold her story to Britain's Hello! magazine.

Law took his sweet time meeting the child but finally, according to the Sun, met his 5-month-old daughter, Sophie, last week in Miami.

However, it wasn't a simple get-together. Law reportedly treated the encounter like a business deal, meeting with well-known family lawyer Maurice Kutner for six hours to hash out an agreement with his baby mama.

Sophie, Samantha, and her mother apparently camped out at the Mandarin Oriental on Brickell Key while Law stayed at the nearby Conrad Hotel.

Law already has three children with ex-wife Sadie Frost and, according to rumors, has recently rekindled the flame with Sienna Miller.

Let this be a lesson to all of you who can't shell out for Kutner's six-hour fee, a room at the Conrad, and what's probably a healthy amount of child support: Do not go around knocking up random models.

[The Sun: Alfie Star Jude Law finally met his lovechild - with lawyer in tow]

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Kyle Munzenrieder