Jose Canseco Is Not Auctioning Off His Finger on eBay

We've been so busy feeling the schadenfreude of A-Rod, that we've almost forgotten to be embarrassed lately about the original hulking Miami-born baseball slugger: Jose Canseco.

In October Canseco accidentally blasted his own finger off while cleaning a gun in his kitchen. That appears to be true, but a few weeks ago he took to Twitter to claim that his finger had fallen off once again during a game of poker and that he planned to put it up for sale on eBay.

He's no admitted that last part was a hoax.

In a series of oddly graphic tweets, Canseco claimed that while playing in a poker tournament his finger fell off, and that when it was reattached, doctors did so without the bone.

He also claimed he kept playing the poker game as normal and wrapped the finger up and put it in his freezer.

Taking the joke one step further, Canseco then began talking about putting the digit up for sale on eBay.

But TMZ pushed further and got Canseco to admit that indeed the whole thing was a prank, and he got the idea after seeing a fake finger for sale on the site.

Well, not we can all go back to not caring about Jose Canseco.

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Kyle Munzenrieder