Jose Canseco: Boxing Rodney King, Planning Reality Show with Michael Lohan

For some reason, Miami-Dade still hasn't gotten around to renaming Jose Canseco Street, but Mr. Canseco is wasting no time in bringing more ridiculous schadenfreude to his already shamfeul legacy.

Apparently, admitting to steroid abuse, appearing in such fine fare as The Surreal Life Season 5, Stripper's Ball, My Life on the D List, and fighting Danny Bonaduce weren't enough. 

First up, Canseco has agreed to box Rodney King September 12 in Philidelphia. As in Rodney King, the LAPD police-brutality victim. No words, just no words. 

If that wasn't bad enough, Michael Lohan, the fame-hungry father of national treasure Lindsay Lohan, says he's developing a new show called Divorced Dads' Club with reality-TV powerhouse production company Endemol. Canseco apparently jumped at the chance to become a cast member. Lohan says he's also trying to get Dennis Rodman and Jon Gosselin on the show. 

"There are even some divorced celebrities who are not dads who want to do the show," says Lohan.

Finding a new name wouldn't be that hard if non-fathers were included. How about just Divorced Douchebags' Club

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