Jorge Mursuli

What kind of music will be played in South Beach clubs? What sort of dances will people be doing? How much will a drink cost?
Lots of retro, possibly jazz from the 1920s or 1930s. We1ll see ultrathin girls decked out in flapper gear. Madonna is sure to get into the act with her 999th makeover. Her Charleston video on MTV will initiate a wave of Charleston nights at clubs across the country.

What will be the hippest Miami-Dade neighborhood, what will it look like, and how much will it cost to live there?
The Upper Eastside and Design District. A no-brainer. It will have a gritty urban feel to it. New businesses will line Biscayne Boulevard, reflecting its new cosmopolitan feel. There will be a coffeehouse where Gap-attired residents take time to sip java and read the book du jour or gossip with their neighbor. A high-end deli (à la Epicure) will provide local residents with all they need for that very special dinner party or that yuppie late-night pigout. All in all it will be a relatively self-sufficient neighborhood. Prices won't be out of control till 2400. Buy now!

Will your favorite South Florida restaurant still exist? And will the clientele change?
Lario's on the Beach will still exist. It will survive the Elian debacle and will continue to represent Cuban chic. Go Gloria!

Imagine yourself sitting in a canoe on Shark River slough. What do you see?
Lots of birds and gators. Especially in the morning. I refuse to see anything else. It would depress me otherwise.

When the urban Miami dweller of 2100 wants to take a walk in the park, where will he or she go?
Are you kidding? What parks? Miami dwellers will take walks on the beach. Even if we had a beautiful park, Miami dwellers would prefer the beach. There is nothing like walking with the one you love on the beach in the evening, feeling the slight chill of the ocean water on your bare feet. As you walk you feel the sand squeeze through your toes. You keep an eye on your dog as it chases the surf back and forth several yards in front of you.

How long will it take to travel from Miami to Havana, and how will folks make the trip? Ditto from Kendall to downtown.
Folks will take a 5:00 p.m. flight for a weekend rendezvous in the nightlife of Havana or Varadero Beach, arriving in 45 minutes. That same Friday afternoon, some poor grunt who can't afford the island weekend will leave his downtown office and arrive in his Kendall abode within the hour. Go figure.

How will you spend the day on January 1, 2100?
At home for sure. I regret being bamboozled out of my house for the millennium New Year's celebration. Next time I1ll use the money for a weeklong trip in the Rockies. I'll sit on top of the farthest peak overlooking the heavens and pretend to count down to the New Year. I'm confident it will be much more memorable.

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