John McCain Isn't One of "Us"

Ever since Barack Obama announced his intentions to run for President there's been a subtle campaign that he wasn't one of "us". Us meaning a certain breed of easily manipulated, middle to lower class, christian, white, values voters. That hush campaign has in recent weeks bubbled up (hello William Ayers), so much so that John McCain was forced to defend Obama at rally in Minnesota. He was even booed by his own supporters when he suggested they shouldn't be afraid of an Obama Presidency (the fact that this happened in Lakeville, Minn is a bit baffling, considering a neighboring congressional district that includes Minneapolis, in fact, elected the first Muslim congressman).

It was a fine moment for McCain. One that showed a lot of courage, but it underlines the fatal flaw in McCain's campaign. He's not one of "us" either. In fact he's been telling everyone he's not "us" since the beginning of his campaign. Remember, he's a "maverick." Yet, in pandering to "us" he's come off fake and something of a trader to the many moderates and liberals who once championed him. Somewhere underneath he's still the same moderate Republican who some Democrats wanted to see on Kerry's 2004 ticket. But ambition got the best of him, and sadly, it seems that in order to get the top of the party he had to pander to the bottom. A campaign tactic that he (and even Palin) now seems to regret.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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