Joan Rivers Talks to Rich People, and You Can Watch It on Television

This post is mainly to point out that even big-time newspapers (or whatever the New York Post is) make embarrassing headline typos once in a while (I hope the copy editor gets an email from the EIC with the subject "Can We Talk?"). But in a more local angle, it seems Joan Rovers Rivers came to Miami to shoot a reality TV show. Great, just what we need: more reality TV! 

Fortunately, it's not Joan and Melissa Take Miami. It's called How'd You Get So Rich?, which, as the title suggests, features Joan asking rich people how they got rich. It's on TV Land. 

Joan Fleischman, naturally, got the scoop for the Miami Herald a few days ago. Joan grills area rich people Robert Zarco, an attorney, and Peter Loftin, the guy who owns the Versace mansion. 

Should be riveting television. Tune in August 5 for the first episode. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder